On 29 April 2021,10:00-12:30 (CEST) SHARP joint action will host a webinar that explores the key themes outlined in the WHO EURO COVID-19 Fatigue framework.

The purpose of the webinar will be to present real life experiences and best practice examples that deliver on the key thematic areas within the framework. This will enable participants to share current learnings within the topic areas, highlight examples of good practice and create further content that can be used to support the application of the COVID-19 Fatigue framework across EU Member states and in bordering countries in continued preparedness and response planning.

This work complements the activities of Work Package 5 and Work Package 8 of the SHARP JA and further opportunities to discuss Risk Communication in the broader sense will become available. This work responds directly to the gap analysis conducted by work package partners which identified Risk Communication as a key development area in terms of strengthening IHR core capacities.

The webinar will include 4 presentations on the topics of:

  • 5 Cross cutting principles
  • Understanding and engaging people
  • Enabling people to live their lives while reducing risks
  • Acknowledging hardships and barriers

The event will culminate in a plenary session with a panel of speakers, beginning  with questions focused on the 10 recommendations set out in the framework, before opening questions to the floor.

There will also be interactive opportunities for self-reflective practice and an accompanying repository of evidence to which you can contribute and view for up to a week following the event.

The event is free and is delivered by Work Package 2 of the SHARP joint action led by Public Health Wales.

You can book your space here.

Further details including presenters and guest speakers will be revealed in the lead up to the event. In the meantime further opportunities are available (see below) and you can join the conversation on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) using #RiskCommunications #COVID19Fatigue.

Disclaimer: While the discussions in this webinar are based on the WHO EURO COVID-19 Fatigue framework, all opinions and examples used are that of the presenters and not of the WHO, unless otherwise stated. This is an event organised and run by the SHARP joint action and the event has no other affiliation with, or endorsement by the WHO unless stated. Full citation of the work referenced: Pandemic fatigue – reinvigorating the public to prevent COVID-19. Policy framework for supporting pandemic prevention and management. Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office for Europe; 2020. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO

Further opportunities to contribute to this work

We’re also inviting participants to share examples of the work they are doing in relation to the topic areas set out in the framework:

5 Cross cutting principles

Understanding and engaging people

Enabling people to live their lives while reducing risks

Acknowledging hardships and barriers

10 Recommendations

To make it easier to contribute in these busy times we’ve created a template you can populate, consisting of 4 slides. We also welcome existing materials you believe could contribute to this body of work and you may submit as many work examples as you like (please submit individual documents). You can download the template here.

We will accept contributions up until 5 May 2021 but recommend sending them to huw.cook@wales.nhs.uk by 26 April 2021 in order for your contribution to be uploaded in time for the webinar.

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