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Inter-Sectoral Preparedness and Response Planning Essentials – a round up of SHARP Joint Action work package 6 deliverables

In March 2023, work package 6 lead – the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment/ Centre for Infectious Disease Control (RIVM) – provided a workshop hosted by the State Emergency Medical Service (SEMS), Latvia. 

Over two days, an audience of health protection specialists and policymakers from across 13 countries received presentations from experts in preparedness and response.  They enjoyed a comprehensive outline of the principles, advantages and best practices in multi-sectoral planning and how to implement them in national preparedness and response plans.

Dr Bettie Voordouw
Dr Bettie Voordouw, RIVM.

Bettie Voordouw, medical microbiologist within the RIVM, comments, “Seventeen of the workshop’s participants were public health emergency preparedness and response experts, with involvement in designing and/or modifying preparedness and response plans.  Importantly, five contributors described their role as policy advisor.  These people will be key in delivering the impact of our four years of work, taking decisions on the take-up and use of results, for example in policymaking or practice improvements.  There were valuable contributions from all, and  88% of the participants reported a knowledge gain on how to implement the WP6 deliverables into their national preparedness and response plans.”

Significantly,  this insight and guidance is useful to any country working to improve its capacity in multi-sectoral, all hazards preparedness and planning.  This is necessary to meet the demands of the regulation (EU) 2022/2371 on serious cross-border threats (SCBT) which came into effect in November 2022.

Click on the links to view a video of each presentation and transcript.

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