Strengthening IHR capacities for Point of Entry

Interactive training on the European Common Ship Sanitation Database – the digital tool for supporting International Health Regulations (2005) implementation at Points of Entry (PoE)

11 September 2023, 09.30 – 17.00 Eastern European Time

Golden Age Hotel, Athens, Greece and online

A train-the-trainers’ opportunity for staff of port health authorities with responsibilities in the IHR Ship Sanitation Certificates and management of public health events in the maritime transport sector

The EU Common Ship Sanitation Database provides digital tools that support the implementation of IHR 2005 at points of entry (ports). It comprises:

  • An information system for recording and issuing Ship Sanitation Certificates (SSCs) under the International Health Regulations 2005 for all types of ships sailing in European Union.
  • A communication network platform facilitating communications across ship-to-port, port-to-port, and port-to-national authority.
  • A database for recording inspections conducted in accordance with the European Manual for Hygiene Standards and Communicable Disease Surveillance on Passenger Ships.
  • A database for storing the Maritime Declaration of Health submitted from ships to the competent authorities.

It is used by twenty-one countries and currently operated by the University of Thessaly and the EU SHIPSAN Scientific Association.

A train-the-trainers’ opportunity

In collaboration with the University of Thessaly, this short course is designed as a train-the-trainers’ course.  Participants will be able to organise their own local or national level courses using the training materials of the course with support from the EU SHIPSAN scientific association.

What you will learn

Led by senior experts from the University of Thessaly, participants will gain a good overview of the working and best practices of the EU Common Ship Sanitation Database, including

  • IHR provisions of Ship Sanitary Certificates
  • Navigation and basic functionalities of EU Common Ship Sanitation Database

Personal networks of contacts in different authorities and services will be strengthened and expanded. Including details of specialists within SHARP Joint Action who may be able to provide further specific support and direction in using the database.

An introduction to other insights and tools for multi-sectoral collaboration and mitigating cross border threats to health developed by SHARP Joint Action.

Working language: English

Download the agenda

Register today

Click SHARP Joint Action: Athens 11 September 2023, 09.30 – 17.00 Eastern European Time (

this one-day free of charge training session is offered to 40 in-person and 40 online participants.

For the in-person participation, ideally, we are looking for one person from each port and up to 3 ports in country to participate.

Registration for the online participation is on a first come, first served basis and there is no limit to the number of participants per country.

Registration closes 30 August 2023.

The training is free of charge

SHARP Joint Action is co-funded by the Health Programme of the European Union.

However, participants will need to arrange and fund their own travel and accommodation. 

Online participation – A link will be included in the joining instructions email.


The Golden Age Hotel, Michalakopoulou Avenue, is centrally located within the city in one of the safest and most accessible areas of Athens, a short walk from the metro station Megaron Mousikis.  Location and directions.

Who should attend

Those responsible for strengthened health supervision and disease prevention management. For example:

  • Officers working at port health authorities in EU countries
  • National and international authorities and organisations

Why this is important

A desk-based review and assessment of the cross-sectoral training needs undertaken in 2021, identifies low IHR capacity and therefore a  high need for improvement in:

  • Effective public health response at points of entry
  • Human Resources- capacity of professionals

This training is designed to improve these capacities.

View the assessment by country here.

Hosted by the National Public Health Organization of Greece (EODY) in collaboration with the University of Thessaly

As the national focal point for the International Health Regulations, EODY is well placed to implement practices that help control the spread of transboundary diseases at national level.

EODY collaborates with SHARP Joint Action work package 8 which supports collaboration between partners and agencies related to the strengthening of the implementation of the IHR through exchange of work practices.

For queries

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