SHARP JA at the 15th European Public Health Conference 9-12 November 2022

The 15th European Public Health Conference – Strengthening health systems: improving population health and being prepared for the unexpected – is being held in person at the hub27 Berlin, Germany. Watch the video introducing the 2022 conference on YouTube.

SHARP JA work package leads are looking forward to engaging with some of the 2000+ public health professionals attending.

SHARP Joint Action Lunch Symposium – Strengthening capacity in preparing for the unexpected. Friday, 11 November 2022 12:45 – 13:45

As the Joint Action moves into its final phase, all are invited to hear a selection from some of the significant progress made to strengthen preparedness in the EU for serious cross-border threats to health.

Work package 1 lead THL (the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) will open the session with an overview of SHARP’s collaborative, multi-sectoral approach to support the implementation of International Health Regulations. The SHARP Lunch Symposium provides a coherent follow up to the European Commission symposium earlier in the day outlining the revised EU health security framework. Selected work package (WP) presentations follow

  • WP5 the Norwegian Institute of Public Health shares key insights from a report on better practices to strengthen selected capacities in the EU and neighbouring countries as well as an analysis of simulation exercises in Europe.
  • WP6 RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands) provides an overview of the most important lessons learnt regarding multisectoral collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic, insights on developing guidance on preparedness and response planning and discussion on how to improve.
  • WP8 Robert Koch-Institute, Germany summarises of how SHARP Joint Action developed an IHR basic online course on the solid foundation of available materials from WHO and ECDC, with a focus on cross-sectoral good practice and practical sessions, and also conducted interactive online sessions on topics such as intra- and after-action reviews.

Elsewhere at the conference, WP8 lead, the Institute of Public Health of Serbia (IPHS), is presenting a poster abstract of the work in strengthening International Health Regulations (IHR) implementation through cross-sectoral, basic and advanced training.

SHARP engagement opportunities

We’ve built in time for questions from the audience and hope to secure engagement with key stakeholders outside of the joint action, encouraging post conference dialogue. Anyone wishing to meet with SHARP work packages is welcome to email

Read more about the European Public Health Conference and register to join on the conference’s website.

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    1. Many thanks for your comment Eva. Unfortunately there’s no facility to attend online. If you subscribe to updates we can keep you informed of our presentations.

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