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Strengthening preparedness and IHR implementation in the EU

SHARP Joint Action aims to strengthen preparedness in the EU against serious cross-border threats to health, and support the implementation of International Health Regulations (2005). “SHARP” stands for Strengthened International HeAlth Regulations and Preparedness in the EU (SHARP JA).

SHARP Joint Action (2019 – March 2023) is co-funded by the Health Programme of the European Union (80%) and by partners’ own contributions (20%). By working together, the partners and the European Commission will ensure a safer environment for all EU citizens. The SHARP Joint Action will work to strengthen member’s existing capacities as well as supporting improvement in those countries where IHR capability gaps exist.

SHARP Joint Action aims to strengthen:

  • The implementation of Decision 1082/2013/EU, supporting the Member and Partner States’ capacity to handle health threats.
  • The implementation of International Health Regulations (2005) and preparedness in EU Member States to increase the capacity on high level protection of health and security.
  • The resilience and response capacities of health systems by ensuring coherence and interoperability for preparedness and response planning.

SHARP partners will work collaboratively to identify and address gaps in the capacity to prevent, detect and respond to biological, chemical and environmental threats to human health.

The partners will also liaise with and collaborate with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization European Office (WHO Europe) in relevant activities. SHARP Joint Action will also collaborate with other European Joint Actions, specifically the Healthy Gateways Joint Action that addresses Points of Entry.